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Get Your Fitness At Home

The Mentors Guru has brought you to learn the art of fitness by our fitness expert Deepak Bajpai.

Deepak Bajpai is a certified & professionally trained fitness trainer who has profound knowledge about his subject area.

About Workshop:

This is a online workshop, which has been designed in such a way that anyone can join and learn art of fitness while staying at home.


Duration of each session is 1 Hour.


Session will be held 6 days in a week. Each session would be of 1 hour including practice.


There are 2 slots of workshop.

  1. Morning             2. Evening


Please choose the slot while filling the other details.

Session Contents Highlight :

  • Cardio Training.

  • Endurance Training.

  • Strength Training.

  • Flexibility.

  • Power Yoga.

  • Floor Exercises.

  • Circuit Workout.

  • Kettlebell Workout ( Candidate must have Kettlebell)

  • Kick Boxing.

  • Medicine Ball Exercises.

  • Much more.....

Registration Fee : 2500 INR / Month

Offer : 20 % Discount

Platform : Zoom

For more query , write us to

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