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How you communicate with others reflect yourself and your business, and your etiquette reflects the way you conduct business. Corporate communication can better develop your relationship with current clients and potential clients and can also help develop your professional relationships well. 

Session Outcome : 

In that one hour you will get to know.

1. Why communication etiquette is required      for your professional growth.


2. What you should learn.

3. How you can learn.

Registration Fee : 199 INR

Early Bird Fee : 99 INR

Deepali Seth is currently pursuing her Doctoral research in Modern Indian Drama and newer pedagogical approach. She has written various research papers, published books and  attended various  International &  National  Conferences. Her area of interest includes Technical  English Communication, Corporate Communication, Business Etiquette, Teaching & Mentoring young minds.She has been  awarded with the Exponent of Modern Education and a Paramount Scholar.  

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