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Earning With Learning Program

The Mentors Guru offers you our earning with learning program. According to this program now you can join our any paid sessions at zero cost. Even you can earn unlimited from those sessions.

Please read the below mentioned steps to learn how you can join our learning with earning program.

  1. Do registration for the session you want to join our earning with learning program.

  2. After registration send an email at to request for approval of program.

  3. Keep the Subject Request For EWLP.

  4. After validation of your registration, we will give our approval.

  5. Now you can refer the session to your friends and can share on your social media.

  6. From every referral registration, you will earn 10% credit points of amount of referral registration.

  7. After completion of that session you can request for redemption of your earned credit points.

  8. Suppose if amount of earned credit points is greater than amount of your registration fee. That would be your extra earnings.

  9. Thus you can attend our paid sessions at zero cost and even earn from those sessions.

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